The above chart exhibits the price development of raw materials which we have summarised on the basis of our practical experience. It is not the individual values which are essential, but the development.

The PET raw material prices are subject to a multiplicity of influences::

On account of the raw material chain and of the extremely high material portion, the oil and the subsequent processing steps cause an elevated fluctuation range almost occurring without any preliminary lead time giving us the chance of modifications.
Developments in oil-producing and upcoming emerging nations are followed by increased demands, but in equal measure, by uncertainties, crises and conflicts; national and European regulations such as packaging regulations, consequences of anti-dumping procedures for the protection of national interests.

The most important consumer of PET is the fibre-producing industry which uses cotton as one of their main raw materials, at the same time. Failures of crops are additionally compensated by using PET. Thus, an extreme scarcity of PET resin arose in spring-time 2011.

Another example were the impacts of the hurricane Katrina on the oil production in autumn 2005 and, for this reason, on the whole petrochemistry.

Seasonal fluctuations of demand directly depend on the weather (cold or hot summer-times) since thereby the consumption of beverages (in PET bottles) varies.

We underwrite the product safety by a permanent audit mode.
State-of-the-art technical and communications systems
support the whole team.
For instance: Optical film web control system, digital all-over traceability, Digital Roll Data Collection (RDH), Integrated Management System (IMS), external product testing, management system for food safety, IFS logistics.
Our films are manufactured under hygienically unobjectionable conditions on state-of-the-art installations.
The production is controlled digitally and monitored by a management team who are supported by the latest
information technology.

Core of our internal logistics is a pallet transport system across the buildings linking the machine centres among themselves as well as the shipping area with the central pallet storage area among each other.
Highly motivated and qualified teams organise complex processes, using modern data processing, storage and conveying technology. We always keep updated through logistics-specific training courses.
HAGNER PET Future Films Polylux®
enjoy high confidence
on account of their excellent
properties in all packaging markets
where environmental safety,
transparency, stableness, good
barrier properties, printability,
etc. are required.

It is not the packaging, but
your product that is put forward
and presented expressively and
protected in the best manner.

Good operating characteristics
and high cycle rates allow
the processing to work economically
on all well-established FFS lines
and thermoforming installations.

Unprecedentedly among the polymers,
PET has been established as a
globally used plastic material
having a high potential for
development up to BioPet on the
basis of renewable raw materials.
PET Films Polylux ® on the roll and as sheets • Composite films on the roll